Advanced Level Secondary School

Enactment and Location
Maghabe secondary school offers advanced secondary education since 2015. Maghabe high school accepts application from May each year. Maghabe high school is located at the distance of five kilometers (5 Kms) from Mbalizi Bus Station, and 17 Kms from Mbeya City bus terminal.
Learning Subjects
Maghabe high school offers the following subjects:
- General studies,
- History,
- Geography,
- English language, and
- Kiswahili.
Current Combinations
All subjects combinations include general studies as compulsory subsidiary subject. The current subjects combination are shown in the schedue below:
HGL History, Geography, and English Language
HGK History, Geography, and Kiswahili
HKL History, Kiswahili, and English Langauge
If you are interested with Maghabe High school and wish to join advanced level secondary education in the current academic year click here.
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